Bigg Boss 17: “Isha Didn’t Destroy Him But Herself,” Says Abhishek Kumar’s Mother

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In a stunning turn of events on Bigg Boss 17, actress Abhishek Kumar’s mother has come out strongly in favour of her son, dispelling the rumours that co-contestant and ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya has been spreading. During her brief stay in the Bigg Boss house, Abhishek’s mother made good use of her time by confronting Isha about the rumours she had been spreading.

In the latest teaser, Isha and Abhishek’s mother spoke in the therapy room, addressing Isha’s accusation of Abhishek damaging a TV. Bluntly, Abhishek’s mother dismissed it as a falsehood, leaving Isha dumbfounded during the questioning.

Later in an interview, Abhishek’s mother emphasized that Isha’s attempts to tarnish his reputation had failed. Asserting, she stated, “Isha ruined herself; her lies didn’t harm Abhishek but created enemies.”

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