Fighter movie review: This big-screen visual spectacular starring Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Anil Kapoor is amazing.

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The trio of Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and director Siddharth Anand treats moviegoers to the ideal Republic Day feast.

Cast:Ashutosh Rana, Rishabh Sawhney, Sanjeev Jaiswal, Talat Aziz, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor, Karan Singh Grover, and Hrithik Roshan

Director: Siddharth Anand

Director Siddharth Anand has become one of Bollywood’s most prolific filmmakers, helming blockbusters such as Bang Bang, War, and Pathaan. He got back again with Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan to bring us Fighter, the first airborne action film in Indian cinema history. Although the teasers and soundtracks have piqued interest, does it live up to the extremely high expectations of the moviegoers? Let’s investigate.

A terrorist from the terrorist group Jaish records a message for the Indian government at the beginning of the story, implying that he will be enjoying heaven till everyone views it and hinting to a suicide assault.

Cut to a year ago, when the finest pilots in the Indian Air Force come together, including Hrithik Roshan (Patty), Deepika Padukone’s Mini, Taj (Karan Singh Grover), and Bash (Akshay Oberoi). The team’s CO, Rocky (Anil Kapoor), informs them that they are on a mission because the terrorist group intends to strike the Srinagar base camp. Anil Kapoor gives his squad the moniker Air Dragons and instructs them to train for the mission and strengthen their bonds with one another.

During this stage, Mini begins to develop feelings for Patty; nevertheless, he still harbours regrets from his tragic past, which is connected to Rocky. Returning to the present, the terrorist records a message and uses a suicide bomb to kill multiple Indian CRPF personnel. Ashraz Ahmed, portrayed menacingly by Rishabh Sawhney, is the mastermind behind this incident. He has previously carried out strikes in Afghanistan, Kabul, and other locations.

Mini begins to warm towards Patty at this period, but he still harbours regrets over his tragic background, which is connected to Rocky. Returning to the present, we see the terrorist recording a message carrying out a suicide bombing that results in the deaths of multiple Indian CRPF personnel. Ashraz Ahmed, who has carried out assaults in Afghanistan, Kabul, and other locations, is the mastermind behind this one and is portrayed menacingly by Rishabh Sawhney.

With the aid of ISI operatives and the Pakistani army, he intends to strike India squarely in the heart by attacking the Srinagar base camp. The enemy sets up a trap for Patty during one of the airstrikes between India and Pakistan, but Bash and Taj walk into it when they cross the Line of Control and are ambushed. Rocky blames Patty for this, and although he helps him in the investigation, he removes Patty from the squad and assigns him to the position of flight instructor in Hyderabad in order to keep everyone away from him.

In Pakistan, Taj and Bash are incarcerated. With the aid of his teammates, will Patty return as a Fighter and bring them home? You must witness this tale of bravery and jingoism on the large canvas in order to understand that.

This has to be Siddharth Anand’s best effort, in my opinion. Indeed, superior to Pathaan and War. There are multiple shivers in this story because of the way he woven in dramatic and poignant scenes. The airborne combat scenes are really well done, and they have even more power thanks to the brilliant background music composed by Ankit and Sanchit Balhara. There is a noticeable vibrant energy in the beginning, but there are more poignant and patriotic moments in the second half. The ensemble cast of Fighter is what I found most appealing. The filmmaker made the most of each person’s abilities.

When it comes to performances, Hrithik Roshan is a charmer who gives an outstanding performance as Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania. He fully inhabits the role and leaves it all on stage. With Fighter, the actor leaves a lasting impression with both his brilliant dialogue delivery and his emotive eyes. In addition to having amazing chemistry with Hrithik, Deepika is fantastic as Meenal Rathore; she really comes through in the poignant moments. Rocky is a good fit for Anil Kapoor, who gives a standout performance. As Taj and Bash, Akshay and Karan give their all.

Extra credit goes to Aarif Sheikh for his deft editing work, Satchith Paulose for his outstanding camera work, and the designers of the amazing airborne combat scenes.

Rating: 4 (out of 5 stars)

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