Lee Sun-kyun, a South Korean actor and Oscar-winning film Parasite star, died at the age of 48, police say

Lee Sun-kyun
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South Korean Actor Lee Sun-kyun Dies in Accused Suicide

  • South Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun, known for his role in the Academy Award-winning film “Parasite,” has died in an apparent suicide.
  • Lee was under investigation for allegations of using marijuana and other illegal drugs.
  • He was found dead in a car at a park in central Seoul, with a charcoal briquette in the passenger seat.
  • Lee had been under police investigation since October, with three rounds of questioning conducted since October.
  • Lee’s drug tests had all returned negative results, and he had been held for 19 hours before being released the following day.
  • Lee had filed a lawsuit against the alleged blackmailer and had requested a polygraph examination of himself and two other people arrested in relation to the drug investigation.
  • Lee’s family refused an autopsy and a funeral will be held “quietly” with family members and colleagues in attendance.
  • Lee’s agency, Hodu & U Entertainment, has requested that the public refrain from spreading false facts based on speculation or assumption.
  • The police regret that Lee died in the midst of investigations, but the inquiry had been “conducted with [his] consent”.

SEUL, South Korea — South Korean police confirmed to NBC News on Wednesday that Oscar-winning actor Lee Sun-kyun of the film “Parasite” committed suicide.

Lee was being investigated on suspicion of smoking marijuana and other prohibited substances. He claimed to be innocent.

According to police, Lee was discovered dead in a vehicle in a park in downtown Seoul, with a charcoal briquette in the passenger seat.

Lee Sun-kyun, a South Korean actor best known for his part in the Academy Award-winning film “Parasite,” died while being probed for illicit drug usage, authorities announced Wednesday. He was 48.

In a statement, Seoul police said they had received a missing person complaint from Lee’s boss via their hotline. Lee, who won accolades for his portrayal of Park Dong-ik, the affluent Park family’s father, in “Parasite,” was discovered in his car on Wednesday morning.

The cause of death is “presumed to be suicide,” according to authorities.

Photos from the location on Wednesday show forensic investigators looking into a car that has been sealed off by police tape.

Lee was questioned three times by police in the city of Incheon since October as part of an investigation into alleged drug usage.

Lee was most recently summoned by police on December 23 and imprisoned for 19 hours before being released the next day.

Lee’s drug tests had all come back negative during the inquiry, according to Incheon police, who did not indicate how many tests he had taken.

The actor was being investigated by authorities for possible drug usage. Infractions of South Korea’s strict drug laws can result in six months in prison or up to 14 years in prison for repeat offenders and traffickers.

According to authorities, Lee was discovered in a vehicle at a park in downtown Seoul.

“Less than 30 minutes earlier, his manager had called for help after the embattled actor left his home, leaving behind what appeared to be a suicide note,” said Al Jazeera’s Eunice Kim from Seoul.

According to authorities, Lee left a “note that reads like a will,” according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

“The top actor had been under intense pressure since October,” according to our source. “That’s when he was accused of drug use, including marijuana, which is a serious crime in South Korea.” He was questioned by authorities for 19 hours over the weekend.”

According to investigators, Lee said he was duped into consuming narcotics and then blackmailed by the same person. According to authorities, Lee filed a lawsuit against the accused blackmailer after they received a tip regarding his alleged drug usage.

According to authorities, one male and one woman have been arrested in connection with the narcotics probe. On December 26, he asked that police perform a polygraph examination on himself and two other persons arrested by police.

The police also expressed their condolences to the actor’s family, saying they had tried to prevent media leaks about his drug investigation before it was completed – in accordance with South Korean law, which prohibits those involved in a criminal investigation from releasing information about the suspect before a public indictment is issued.

According to police in Seoul, Lee’s family does not want an autopsy performed.

According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, Lee’s burial would be held “quietly” with family members and coworkers in attendance, according to his agency, Hodu & U Entertainment.

“Actor Lee Sun-kyun passed away today,” the business confirmed to Yonhap. “There is no way to contain the sorrow and devastated feelings.”

“Please refrain from spreading false information based on speculation or assumption,” the business said in a statement.

CNN reached out to the agency for comment but did not receive a response right away.On Wednesday, police discovered the actor’s death in a vehicle outside a local park. According to Yonhap news agency, they suspect Lee committed suicide.

Police had previously received a complaint that he had fled his house after penning a message.

He has been under investigation since October for potential unlawful drug usage.

After authorities discovered Lee’s body in Waryong Park, his body was sent to Seoul National University Hospital. According to reports, his family has declined an autopsy and he will be buried on Friday.

Police have launched an inquiry to learn more about his death, including when he arrived at the area where his corpse was discovered and when he died.

Lee portrayed the father of the rich Park family, which is penetrated by members of an impoverished family acting as unrelated persons in Parasite. The scathing societal satire received four Academy Awards, including best picture.

According to Yonhap, he was accused of using marijuana and ketamine with a waitress at a bar in Seoul. He said that despite taking what she provided him, he had no idea they were illegal substances.

The hostess allegedly informed authorities that he used narcotics at her house several times, which he denied. He had previously sought a lie detector test through his counsel.

His drug tests had come back negative or inconclusive, according to the article.

According to News1 Korea, police expressed sadness that Lee died while under investigation, but that the probe was “conducted with [his] consent.” According to Yonhap, Lee was questioned three times, with one session spanning 19 hours last Saturday.

“There is no way to contain the sorrow and despair,” Lee’s agency, HODU&U Entertainment, said in a statement. We humbly request that you refrain from spreading rumors based on supposition… so that [Lee’s] last trip is not harmed.”

His death elicited heated emotions online.

“I can’t image how hard that must have been for him. “Rest in peace,” said one of the comments on one of the news stories.

“Are celebrities not human?” People make blunders throughout their lives. “It’s so sad,” another person added.

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