Pictures from the funeral: During three days of memorial services, family and political dignitaries honored Jimmy Carter’s wife Rosalynn Carter.

Jimmy Carter's wife Rosalynn Carter funeral pictures
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Wheelchair-bound Jimmy Carter, who turned 99 this month and went into hospice care in February, attended the service on Wednesday for her wife. Along with current President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris of Indian roots, first lady Jill Biden, and all of the surviving past first ladies, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama, and Melania Trump, he attended a commemoration service on Tuesday. These are all the big and powerful names of US.

The last day of Rosalynn Carter’s memorial ceremonies in Georgia, where she spent the most of her life, was Wednesday. The following images are from the three days of events:

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were wed for seventy-seven years; her son claims that Mr. Carter remained by her side throughout her last days.

“My dad expressed his love and gratitude for all the amazing things she accomplished,” Chip Carter recalled her last moments to The Washington Post last week. “Then he asked us to leave so he could be alone with her.”

Sandra Day O'Connor
Sandra Day O’Connor

Jack Carter, the son of the Carters, stated on Wednesday that “dad became accustomed to mom’s disagreements with him because she was quite skilled at them. She turned into an equal partner in the truest meaning of the word.”

Plains has a population of just 600. Rosalynn Carter was the reason Davis Holloway came out on Wednesday, telling Skylar Henry of CBS News that he did so to “show respect for the Carter family.”

On the Emory University campus, Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church had a memorial service on Tuesday. Only invited visitors were allowed to attend the funeral, and the honorary pallbearers were the grandkids.

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