Pran Pratistha: Ramlala will sit on the throne today after Vaastu Shanti, Hinglaj Shaktipeeth of Pakistan will be lit.

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Ramlala will sit on his seat in Ayodhya today after Vaastu Shanti. Apart from this, Ramlala Virajman will also enter the temple.


In the new temple of Ramlala, worship is going on as part of the life consecration ritual. Ramlala will sit on his seat today. For this, Vaastu Shanti will be done first. On the occasion of Pran Pratistha, water from Hinglaj Shaktipeeth of Pakistan will also reach Ayodhya.

Before this, Ramlala will sit in Shakradhivas, Fruitadhivas and Pushpadhivas in the evening on Saturday morning. The longest puja took place on the first Friday. After purifying the immovable idol, the process of infusing it with mantras was started. The rituals of the third day started with Arani Manthan at exactly 9 am in the auspicious time. First the Navagrahas were installed and worshiped and then the Vaastu puja of the temple was done.

Today the seated Ramlala will enter the newly constructed temple

As part of the Pran Pratishtha ritual, the immovable idol of Ram Lalla will be bathed with water containing various medicines from 81 urns on Saturday. At the same time, the movable idol of Ramlala seated in the temporary temple will also enter the Navgriha on Saturday.

Gopal Rao, in-charge of the construction of Ram temple, said that the movable idol of Ram Lalla and other idols present in the temporary temple will be entered into the sanctum sanctorum of the newly constructed temple on Saturday. In the order of Pran Pratistha, Ramlala will be consecrated with sugar and fruits on Saturday. For this, there will be Yagya, Havan, recitation of Vedas and other rituals.

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