Telangana Election Winner List 2023: Congress’s overwhelming majority, which will win 119 seats, dashes BRS’s hopes of a hat-trick; view the complete list

Telangana Election Winner List 2023
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Telangana Election Winner List 2023: With 61 out of 119 assembly seats, Congress will now be seen making noise in the state’s politics; in contrast, BRS has won 33+ seats, BJP has won 8, AIMIM has won 5+, and CPI has won just 1 seat. The results of voting on Telangana’s 119 assembly seats have been announced. The strength of BRS was evident in the state’s power since 2014. However, this time around, the political atmosphere appeared to be changing in the election battle.

Telangana Election Results 2023 Live Updates: Voting was held on all 119 seats in Telangana on November 30, with Congress securing a majority in the state. Of the 119 seats in Telangana, 19 are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 12 for Scheduled Tribes. Congress is currently leading with 66 seats, while BRS is currently leading with 40 seats and BJP appears to be winning 8 seats. It should be noted that there has been a Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government since the state was formed; however, TRS has since been renamed as Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS). There is a contest between Congress and BRS in Telangana.

Congress leaders set up camp in Hyderabad even before the election results were announced. He is starting to get scared of horse trading.

Additionally, the exit poll indicated that Congress could pose a threat to BRS’s power this time around. Jan’s exit poll predicted that Congress would receive 48 to 64 seats, while KCR’s party, BRS, was predicted to receive 40 to 55 seats and BJP to receive 7 to 13 seats. KCR has ruled this region since Telangana’s formation, but it appears that he is losing control of the party this time around.

Let us tell you that the number of votes needed to form a government in Telangana is sixty. Congress has already surpassed that threshold. Let us tell you that not even the power of AIMIM could save the day this time. Congress also made inroads into the Muslim vote base of Asaduddin Owaisi. AIMIM appears to have three seats. For the first time, Congress has won Aswaraopet in the Khammam district.

Telangana Election Results 2023: The Congress party has secured a resounding majority in the state. DK Shivakumar announced that MLAs had been summoned in the evening and that he would meet with them. The high command will proceed with the appointment of the Chief Minister, he said, adding that the people had voted for change. Congress President Kharge also expressed gratitude to the electorate for their mandate and announced that he would lead the India Alliance in the Lok Sabha elections.

Telangana Election Results 2023 Live: As of right now, the Congress party is leading in 64 seats, the BRS is leading in 40 seats, the BJP is leading in just 9 seats—many of which have already been won—and AIMIM candidates are leading in 6 seats. The state is now headed by a Congress government.

Telangana Election Results 2023 Live: Telangana Pradesh Congress President Anumula Revanth Reddy defeated BRS’s Patnam Narendra Reddy by a margin of over 30,000 votes to win the Kodangal Assembly seat. Revanth Reddy is also leading against KCR in the Kamareddy seat, where KCR has fallen behind the BJP candidate and is therefore ranked third. In the Narasapur seat in Telangana, BRS’s V S Lakshma Reddy defeated Congressman Abula Raji Reddy by 8855 votes.

Telangana Election Results 2023: Asaduddin Owaisi has lost this time around, but let us tell you that Congress workers are celebrating outside Revanth Reddy’s office. Renuka Choudhary, speaking for the Congress, said, “I was saying for a year that the pulse of the people will have to be known, then big change will come.”

Telangana Election Results 2023 Live: While the Congress is expected to form the government in Telangana, AIMIM appears to be trailing behind BJP this time. BJP appears to be gaining eight seats while AIMIM is ahead on only four seats. This is a significant change from the previous year, when BJP was only able to win one seat in Telangana.

It is a given that Congress will win in Telangana. KCR’s BRS had ruled the state since its creation. This is the first time in ten years that Telangana has seen a change in government. The party president in the state, Revanth Reddy, is currently an MP for the Lok Sabha. In Telangana, Congress has only won three Lok Sabha seats in 2019. Notably, Revanth Reddy is also defeating Chief Minister KCR from the Kamareddy seat. It is claimed that Congress has benefited from Revanth Reddy’s style.

In Telangana, where Congress has taken 71 seats, BRS has only 37 seats, and BJP has only 8 seats, the Congress party is headed for a clear majority. Given these circumstances, it appears that KCR’s health will deteriorate and that he will eventually take the floor in Telangana politics, as AIMIM has only managed to gain three seats.

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