Texas, Oregon, and Alabama: The Playoff Conundrum

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Alabama, Oregon, and Texas: The Playoff Dilemma

The Nightmare Scenario: One Spot, Three Contenders

In the upcoming Pack 12 title game, the winner secures an automatic spot in the playoff. However, things get complicated if Michigan, Florida State, and Washington also win their respective games. In this nightmare scenario, only one spot remains. The question is, who will claim it?

Alabama’s Case

Alabama is the clear favorite to secure the spot if they win. Their strong performance throughout the season and a potential victory in the title game make them a top contender. Alabama’s dominance and head-to-head wins over other teams give them a significant advantage.

Oregon’s Case

Oregon has also made a strong case for the playoff spot. With victories against four ranked teams and avenging their only loss, they have proven themselves as a formidable team. Oregon’s impressive schedule and improved performance in the second half of the season make them a deserving candidate.

Texas’ Case

Texas, despite their head-to-head win against Alabama earlier in the season, faces a tough competition for the final spot. While their victory over Alabama carries weight, their overall performance and schedule strength are on par with the other contenders. Texas will need to rely on the committee’s decision-making process to secure the spot.

The Decision-Making Process

When the decision is at the margins, the College Football Playoff (CFP) protocol states that championships won and schedule strength should be considered. In this scenario, both Alabama and Texas have comparable championship wins and schedule strength, making the head-to-head result a crucial factor.

Head-to-Head: Alabama vs. Texas

Two months ago, Alabama suffered their worst loss at home in a non-conference game since 2004 against Texas. Texas not only won but dominated the game, holding the ball for the last seven and a half minutes. This head-to-head result cannot be ignored and gives Texas a strong case for the playoff spot.

Who Deserves the Spot?

Ultimately, the decision is in the hands of the committee. They must weigh the teams’ body of work and determine who is most deserving. Will it be Alabama, with their improved defense and overall performance? Or will Oregon’s victories and revenge over their only loss give them the edge? Texas, with their head-to-head win against Alabama, also has a compelling argument. The decision won’t be easy, but it will shape the future of college football.

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