The Top 10 AI-Powered Photo Editors (January 2024)

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AI photo editing tools provide a plethora of functions that revolutionise the efficiency and art of photo editing in the constantly changing field of digital imaging. These technologies are revolutionising the field by enabling both pros and novices to access professional-grade photo editing, thanks to their sophisticated artificial intelligence. AI has made operations that traditionally required hours of careful labour possible with only a few clicks, elevating the field of digital photography to a new level of accuracy and inventiveness.

We showcase some of the top AI picture editing products available on the market in this blog. Each tool addresses different facets of photo editing and combines innovation, usability, and strong AI capabilities. These technologies redefine the possibilities in the field of digital photo improvement; they go beyond simple edits and filter applications. We will examine each of these tools’ special qualities, advantages, and ways that they are influencing picture editing going forward.

1. Skylum’s Luminar Neo

With the help of its flagship product, Luminar Neo, Skylum has established a niche for itself in the AI photo editing market. It is unique in that it combines artificial intelligence with an intuitive user interface, providing a wide range of sophisticated capabilities to suit both novice and expert photographers. The core of Skylum’s product is its capacity to redefine the effectiveness and originality of photo enhancement by streamlining intricate photo editing activities and producing results on par with those of a professional.

With the aid of features like SkyAI, FaceAI, BodyAI, IrisAI, and AtmosphereAI, users may make complex alterations with previously unheard-of ease. With the use of these tools, ordinary photographs can be transformed into visually spectacular masterpieces in a fraction of the usual time. In addition to this, special AI adjustment tools like Relight AI, GenErase, and Skin AI increase the adaptability of Skylum’s products by meeting a variety of editing requirements, from little adjustments to extensive changes.

In order to cover every facet of photo enhancement, Luminar Neo also has a wide range of effects and adjustments, such as power-line and dust removal features. Luminar Neo’s modular capabilities, which includes AI masking and layered editing, is very impressive. It provides a more user-friendly interface for novices to photo editing without compromising the level of detail needed by seasoned experts.

Key Features of Skylum’s Luminar Neo:

  • AI-Powered Editing Tools: Advanced AI tools for rapid and outstanding photo enhancements.
  • Unique AI Adjustments: Many AI adjustment tools to meet different editing needs.
  • Comprehensive Effects Suite: Plenty of tools and effects to make extensive photo editing possible.
  • User-Friendly Modular Functionality: AI masking and layered editing in a simplified UI.
  • Flexible Pricing Options:  Both subscription-based and one-time purchase models available.

2. The Lightricks photoleap

The dynamic picture editing software Photoleap, created by the creative minds at Lightricks, combines a multitude of features and tools to bring images to a new level of creativity and transformation. Renowned for its comprehensive features, Photoleap meets a broad range of photo editing requirements, making it the preferred option for photographers and creatives looking for sophisticated functions and versatility in a single application.

Photoleap’s all-in-one design is one of its main advantages. With the help of the software, users can alter backdrops, get rid of extraneous objects, make creative collages, and employ a variety of filters and effects on one platform. Because of its many features, Photoleap is an effective tool for both simple adjustments and intricate artistic works. Furthermore, users can enhance their photography with a variety of possibilities thanks to the app’s rapid edit tools and professional-grade effects, irrespective of their ability level.

The skill with which Photoleap handles AI-powered photo editing is really impressive. The creative process is streamlined by the app’s potent AI features, which let users produce amazing outcomes with little effort. With Photoleap’s advanced layers and blending modes, which go beyond basic editing tools, you can create intricate and one-of-a-kind creations. Along with a vast array of photo filters and effects, brushes, fonts, and tone adjustments, the programme offers a great deal of image customisation and personalisation.

Key Features of Photoleap by Lightricks:

  • All-In-One Photo Editing: extensive capabilities for collage building, item removal, backdrop changes, and more.
  • Instant Edits and Pro Effects: a range of choices for sophisticated effects and rapid improvements.
  • Powerful AI Capabilities: AI capabilities that guarantee remarkable results and enhance the creative process.
  • Layers and Blending Modes: Advanced tools for creating complex compositions.
  • Diverse Filters and Effects: Many options for improving and transforming photos.
  • Creative Tools and Adjustments: For intricate personalisation, use brushes, typefaces, and tonal modifications.
  • Innovative AI Transformations: AI-powered tools for creating original and creative images.

3. Adobe Photoshop

The leader in picture editing, Adobe Photoshop, has added a number of AI-powered capabilities that improve the photo-editing experience. With the help of AI, these tools can easily and precisely enhance and change photos, producing previously unimaginable results.

The Generative Fill tool in Photoshop is a remarkable AI capability that enables users to effortlessly include content into their images. Once an area is chosen, the AI populates it with content that complements the surrounding elements, resulting in a unified and organic appearance. In a similar vein, the Generative Expand function creatively enlarges a predetermined region, producing fresh content that flawlessly complements the current image. Another useful innovation is the Match Font AI tool, which makes it simple for users to locate font matches in pictures or photos and guarantees typographic consistency.

The AI-powered Preserve Details 2.0 feature in Adobe Photoshop is another tool that helps maintain the overall quality of photographs by resizing them while retaining important details and textures. For landscape photographers, the Sky Replacement tool is revolutionary since it makes it possible to quickly and automatically alter the sky while still achieving a seamless integration into the shot. Furthermore, the AI-powered Object Selection tool and Refine Edge function make accurate selections and masks, making it easier to manipulate particular image elements.

Key Features of Adobe Photoshop’s AI Suite:

  • Generative Fill and Expand: AI tools for adding and expanding content in images.
  • Match Font: AI-powered typography matching for consistent design.
  • Preserve Details 2.0: Resizes images while preserving quality and detail.
  • Sky Replacement:Rapid and automatic sky changes in photographs.
  • Object Selection and Refine Edge: Refined selection and masking tools.
  • Neural Filters: A variety of AI filters for enhancing and altering images.

4. Topaz Photo AI

Topaz Labs created Topaz Photo AI, a state-of-the-art desktop programme that uses artificial intelligence to significantly improve image quality. With functions like deblurring, upscaling, and denoising, it positions itself as a full-featured photo-editing application. The programme is praised for its superb blur and noise reduction, which comes in quite handy when dealing with difficult scenarios with subjects that move quickly.

Because of its skill at enhancing an image’s visual quality, Topaz Photo AI is a great tool for colour correction, background replacement, photo restoration, and object removal. Its one-time payment mechanism and interoperability with both Windows and macOS increase its allure. Positive reviews have been received for the software’s AI-powered image enhancing features, which make it an invaluable tool for fans and photographers alike.

With a focus on wildlife and portrait photography, the software offers four unique AI models (standard, high fidelity, graphical, and low resolution) that are suited to different settings. It offers more clarity and detail when using RAW data, and it performs incredibly well with them. Even with the default settings, the Autopilot feature recognises subjects and faces in photos with remarkable efficiency. Additionally, Topaz Photo AI offers excellent customer service via live chat and extensive online documentation.

Key Features of Topaz Photo AI:

  • Best-in-class Noise and Blur Reduction: Advanced techniques for noise reduction and image sharpening to enhance clarity.
  • Versatile Image Enhancement: Suitable for color correction, background adjustments, and object removal.
  • AI Models for Different Scenarios: Tailored models for optimal photo enhancement.
  • Autopilot Feature: Automatically detects subjects and faces for enhanced editing.
  • One-time Purchase: Affordable pricing with a one-time fee and a free trial option.

5. Movavi Picture Editor

A complete AI-powered photo editing programme, Movavi Photo Editor is well-known for its intuitive interface that can be used by both novices and experts. The software is a flexible option for a broad spectrum of users because it comes with an array of AI-powered capabilities that streamline and improve the photo editing process.

Movavi Photo Editor’s AI-powered capabilities, which are intended for tasks like face detection, skin texture smoothing, hair colour modification, and antique photo restoration, are the core of the programme. Notable are the AI restoration features, which allow users to bring life back into old photos by erasing stains, wrinkles, and noise from scans and bringing colour to black-and-white images. Automatic improvement tools, which include functions like object removal, photo enhancement, and ancient photo restoration, further expedite the editing process.

Movavi also specialises in the area of portrait retouching. For portrait photos, the software offers focused retouching options including wrinkle smoothing and face shine removal. With tools made expressly for removing extraneous details and adding fresh backdrops, users can also quickly add or change backgrounds. Creative picture transformation is possible with presets for colour correction, atmospheric effects, and more than 100 filters and effects. Movavi also provides tools for removing objects, the ability to customise text and captions, and batch resizing.

Key Features of Movavi Photo Editor:

  • AI-Powered Editing Tools: Advanced AI capabilities for facial recognition, skin enhancement, and restoration of old photographs.
  • Automatic Enhancements: Photo enhancement and object removal tools.
  • Portrait Retouching: Specialized features for enhancing portrait photography.
  • Background Editing: Simple tools for removing and replacing backgrounds.
  • Color Correction and Effects: Extensive selection of presets and effects for innovative editing.
  • Text Customization:Options for adding and editing captions and text.

6. Pixlr X

Pixlr X is a free online AI-powered photo editor that offers sophisticated editing tools together with an easy-to-use UI. With a plethora of tools that make photo editing both easy and complex, it’s made to accommodate both novices and experts.

Advanced AI-powered features of the software include a Text-to-Image AI generator, transparent image creation, and backdrop removal. One particularly impressive feature is the generator, which lets users turn word prompts into beautiful images, completely changing the way graphics are made. In addition, Pixlr X has options for collage, templates, and animation, giving users the resources they need to produce original and captivating creations.

Tools for erasing backgrounds and producing transparent images make backdrop editing simple and perfect for design assignments where transparency is required. The programme offers several possibilities to improve and alter photos, including presets for colour correction, atmospheric effects, and more than 100 filters and effects. The software’s adaptability is increased with object removal tools, batch resizing capabilities, and text and caption customisation functions.

Key Features of Pixlr X:

  • User-Friendly Interface: User-friendly platform for effective photo editing.
  • Advanced AI Tools: Tools for removing backgrounds, creating transparent images, and generating text-to-image.
  • Text-to-Image AI Generator: Create captivating visual designs from text prompts.
  • Collage and Animation Features: Use a range of templates and animations to create original designs.
  • Color Correction and Effects:Numerous methods to improve your image.

7. Paintshop Pro by Corel

With its extensive collection of sophisticated editing and graphic design tools, Corel Paintshop Pro enhances AI photo editing for Windows users. With time-saving AI-based solutions integrated, it serves both amateur and professional photographers.

Paintshop Pro’s AI HDR Studio makes it simple for users to add High-Dynamic-Range effects. The AI Style Transfer function instantly adds well-known paintings’ artistic styles to photos. AI Denoise and Artefact Removal effectively manage noisy photographs, making them perfect for high ISO or low light photography. The AI Portrait Mode uses automatic subject detection to provide a bokeh effect, while the AI Background Replacement tool makes background adjustments easier. Furthermore, photographs can be enlarged with AI Upsampling without sacrificing quality or resolution.

Key Features of Corel Paintshop Pro:

  • AI HDR Studio: One-click effects with a high dynamic range.
  • AI Style Transfer: applies creative techniques to images.
  • AI Artifact Removal and Denoise: rectifies pixelated and noisy images.
  • AI Background Replacement: Fast and effective backdrop editing.

8. Canva

Canva has emerged as a powerhouse in the realm of AI-powered photo editing, offering an array of features that simplify and enhance the editing process. Renowned for its ease of use and accessibility, Canva’s AI photo editing tools are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of users, from amateurs to professionals, making complex edits quick and effortless.

Magic Edit, Magic Erase, and Auto Crop are some of the key AI editing features of Canva. These tools give consumers an unmatched editing experience by transforming and energising photographs using cutting-edge AI technology. The photo editing capabilities of AI are best demonstrated by Magic Edit and Magic Erase, which enable users to precisely alter photos and effortlessly eliminate undesired components. The toolset is further improved by the Auto Crop feature, which skillfully crops and frames photographs for maximum effect.

Key Features of Canva’s AI Photo Editing:

  • Magic Edit and Erase: tools with AI capabilities for accurate object removal and editing.
  • Auto Crop: Cropping wisely to ensure that photos are framed to perfection.
  • AI Image Generator: creates pictures in a variety of artistic ways using text.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Made with efficiency in mind, appropriate for all skill levels.
  • Free Online Photo Editor: Beautiful filters, effects, and tweaks are at your disposal.

9. Lensa

Among the best mobile AI photo editors, Lensa is especially well-known for its ability to edit portraits and selfies. Its special Magic Avatar function produces a range of AI-generated portraits by training a Stable Diffusion model with selfies. This feature demonstrates the app’s creative use of AI, even though it deviates from conventional photo editing.

Among the best features of Lensa is its Magic Retouch tool, which allows you to automatically adjust portraits with various appearances, such as Glam, Morning, and Day Look. These are unexpectedly good effects, particularly when combined with cosmetics. In-depth customisation is possible using the app’s less AI-intensive skin, face, and makeup editing features.

The AI-powered Suggest a Filter, a capable AI Eraser, efficient Backdrop Cutout and Sky Replacement tools, and an assortment of picture editing tools, art styles, and effects are among the other features.

Key Features of Lensa:

  • Magic Avatar Feature: produces a variety of AI portraits.
  • Magic Retouch Tool: Automated portrait improvements with diverse looks.
  • AI Eraser: A useful tool for removing objects.
  • Backdrop Cutout and Sky Replacement: possibilities for high-quality backdrop editing.
  • User-Friendly Interface:Perfect for editing on a mobile device.

10. Imagen

Imagen’s goal is to make picture editing simpler by providing an easy-to-use AI interface and features. It provides a variety of creative editing options, such as the ability to alter the colour scheme, sharpen images, and apply other enhancing effects.

The Talent AI Profile, one of Imagen’s special features, automatically modifies photos to match particular visual looks by using blueprints based on the editing methods of expert photographers. With the help of this function, users may look professional while still having control over additional modifications.

The cost of Imagen is determined by how many photo adjustments you make. Its intriguing features are worth investigating, but additional functions like cropping and straightening cost more, so budgeting may need to take that into account.

Key Features of Imagen:

  • Talent AI Profile: uses the techniques of seasoned photographers to make automated image changes..
  • Creative Editing Capabilities: Multipurpose instruments for altering colours and improving images.
  • User-Friendly Interface: makes editing easier for people of all ability levels.

The Prospects for AI-Powered Photo Editing

It’s evident that these cutting-edge platforms are influencing the direction of digital pictures as we delve deeper into the varied universe of AI photo editing tools. Every tool we’ve covered in this blog has special features and capacities to meet a variety of editing requirements. These tools are changing the parameters of what’s feasible in the field of photo editing, whether it’s through the accuracy of object removal or the ease of use and accessibility.

These products’ incorporation of AI technology not only streamlines difficult editing chores but also creates new opportunities for productivity and creativity. They give photographers, whether professional and amateur, strong tools to easily enhance, change, and realise their creative concepts. We can anticipate these technologies becoming considerably more sophisticated as AI develops, opening up even more opportunities for both photographers and artists.

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