Who Were the Brothers Kothari? Security personnel shot and killed Kar Sevaks during the 1990 Ram Mandir Movement.

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The Ram Janmabhoomi Trust invited Kothari Brothers’ sister to the temple’s consecration on January 22. Purnima Kothari expressed that her brothers raised the saffron flag on Babri Masjid. She believes their sacrifice will be witnessed and their names immortalized in the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement. Shad Kothari and Ram likely feel justice is served through their sacrifice. Their names will endure, akin to the lasting temple. Proudly, she joyfully expressed satisfaction about the temple’s construction.

Who Were Kothari Brothers?

Ram Kothari and Sharad Kothari, aged 22 and 20, hailed from Kolkata and were Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) members. Responding to VHP’s call, the brothers joined the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement in Ayodhya. On December 7, 1992, a large group of Karsevaks demolished the disputed Babri Mosque.

On October 22, 1990, the Kothari Brothers, prominent VHP members, led around sixty Karsevaks to Ayodhya. Marching toward the disputed Babri Mosque, the VHP group wore saffron attire with “Kafan” printed on the back. Forced to halt in Benaras due to railway issues, the Kothari Brothers took a taxi to Kolhapur from Kolkata. From Benaras, they covered around 200 miles to reach Ayodhya.

Despite facing obstacles like blockades and tear gas, the party reached their goal at 4 am on October 30. As the first to enter Babri Mosque’s grounds, they raised the flag, marking a historical moment. Upon returning from Faizabad on November 2, tragedy struck as the Kothari Brothers, Ram and Sharad, were fatally shot. The government claimed they were causing trouble and disturbing the peace in Ayodhya. Shahid Marg is the name given to the Ayodhya street where they passed away. Their bullet-riddled bodies were discovered in a road next to the Ram shrine, in the Hanuman Garhi shrine.

Over the past 33 years, the first joyous moment arrived, marking happiness after my brothers’ sacrifice. Following their sacrifice, we waited, and today, with the magnificent Ram Temple before us, we’re delighted. Remembering everything that happened 33 years ago with my brothers, hope eventually waned. Despite initial doubt, receiving the Ram Mandir inauguration invitation brought contentment and pride to Poornima Kothari. Acknowledging the due respect for her brothers’ sacrifice, she expressed gratitude at the Ram Mandir’s inauguration ceremony.

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